Rental Delivery Areas & Rates

Rental Delivery Areas Map

Main Delivery Areas

If your area does not seem to be shown on the map or listed below, please contact us as we may be able to accommodate you!

  • Kawartha Lakes & Surrounding Area – including Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Minden, Kinmount and more.

  • Buckhorn, Burleigh Falls, Apsley & Bancroft Area

  • Haliburton & Surrounding Area

  • Peterborough County including Rice Lake and Chemong Lake.

  • Havelock & Area – including Marmora and lakes north of Havelock.

Delivery Rates

Delivery Rates for Pontoon Boats, Jetskis and Fishing Boats are calculated based on a flat fee plus the distance from our location in Bobcaygeon.*
See the Rate Table below based on type of rental.  All distances are based on the actual km traveled when we deliver your rental.

For example, if the distance from Buckeye Rentals to your launch location is 20 km (one way), then your Delivery Fee for a Pontoon boat will be $100 + 20km * $2 = $140.  For a JetSki or Fishing Boat, the fee would be $50 + 20km * $2 = $90.

If you are unsure what your Delivery Fee would be, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an exact quote.
(We no longer use Zones for delivery rates).

Rate Table By Rental

Rental Type
Delivery Charge Minimum Rental (Days)
PONTOON BOAT $100 plus $2 per km 2 Days – Pontoon & Jetski.
5 Days – Fishing Boat.
JETSKI $50 plus $2 per km 2 Days – Pontoon & Jetski.
5 Days – Fishing Boat.
FISHING BOAT $50 plus $2 per km 2 Days – Pontoon & Jetski.
5 Days – Fishing Boat.

If you are unsure about your delivery charge or can’t find your area on the map, please contact us and we can quote you a rate.

*We require the exact location of where the boat or jetski will be launched (boat launch ramp) in order to ensure timely delivery and to calculate your rate.  Please book early and request delivery at that time to ensure we can satisfy your request.  All deliveries are on a first come, first served basis.