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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Boater’s License?2023-11-22T14:22:17-05:00

We HIGHLY recommend that you and all Drivers of the boat obtain a pleasure craft operators card before the rental, although it is not mandatory. See for more information on the Boat Smart course and exams.

If you cannot obtain a pleasure craft operators card prior to you rental, not to worry!  We can issue a temporary boaters license to drivers with a valid G Drivers License (or out of Province/Country equivalent to a full drivers license, not a learners permit). Pontoon Boat and Fishing Boat drivers must be at least 19 years old, Jet Ski drivers must be 21 years old. If you meet the age and G drivers license requirements we will have you complete a Boaters Safety Checklist (Canadian Coast Guard Approved) which acts as a temporary boating license for the duration of the rental. This must be done in person, because there is specific instruction we must give you depending on what you are renting. We can bring temporary licenses with us on delivery as well.

Maximum 2 Temporary Licenses can be issued per rental vessel.

What is your Cancellation Policy?2023-11-22T13:41:01-05:00

We require at least 48 hours notice for cancellation of a rental. Our rental day starts at 9:00am. If a booking is cancelled with more than 48 hours notice the Non-Refundable Booking Deposit will be kept in your Buckeye Rentals account and can be applied against a future rental invoice.

If we are not notified 48 hours before 9:00am on the first day of the rental or if no notice is given at all, the Lessee will not be refunded their booking deposit.

In the case of unsafe weather conditions, as determined by Buckeye Rentals staff (such as sustained high winds or lightening), Buckeye reserves the right to refuse the rental because we feel it is unsafe to be out on the water. The rental can be rescheduled to another day and your booking deposit will be applied to the alternate rental day. Rescheduled rentals are subject to equipment availability, we do not cancel other customer’s rentals to accommodate an alternate day for a customer who has to reschedule.

Booking deposits for customers who reschedule 48 hours or more ahead of their rental do not expire, and can be applied to rentals the following year as well.

Do we have to bring Life Jackets, or do you provide them?2018-04-03T23:08:18-04:00

We have a wide range of sizes of life jackets and will provide them to you free of charge for the duration of the rental, so you do not have to bring life jackets with you.  The only exception would be if you have a baby or very small child, you should bring an appropriate life jacket with you.

We include all of the safety equipment required for each vessel as indicated under the Marine Safety by Transportation Canada to ensure the boat or personal watercraft is legal.

Do you Deliver?2023-11-22T13:06:51-05:00

We are located in Bobcaygeon on Pigeon Lake.  Pontoon Boats and Jet Skis can be delivered for a minimum 2 day rental. Fishing Boats can be delivered for a minimum 5 day rental. We do not offer out of town delivery on Paddleboards (SUPS) Kayaks or Canoes, but we can delivery within the Bobcaygeon area for minimum 5 day rentals. We meet customers at the nearest boat launch to their cottage, which we determine and communicate ahead of time, we do not deliver directly to your dock.

Delivery fees are based on driving distance and we can provide you with a quote you once we know your location. If you want to estimate the delivery fee yourself please view the Delivery Page of our website.  We do not provide boats on trailers for customers to tow themselves. If need assistance of have questions about the delivery process feel free to call or email us.

What happens if I am late returning the boat?2018-04-03T23:08:35-04:00

A Late Charge of $1/minute will apply if boat or equipment is returned after the designated return time as stated on the Rental Agreement.

How much is the Damage Deposit and how does it work?2021-05-15T15:51:41-04:00

A Damage Deposit is taken on your credit card as a pre-authorization payment at the time of the rental.  This is a requirement for all rentals and the cardholder MUST be present to sign for the damage deposit.

You are responsible for any damage that occurs to the boat, equipment and all provided contents.  All vessels will be checked for damages before and after the rental with you present.  We refund the entire deposit if the rental is returned in the same condition as when it left.

The size of the damage deposit is dependent on the rental equipment:

Rental Equipment Damage Deposit Pre-Authorization
JetSki $1500
Pontoon Boat $1500
Fishing Boat $500
Stand-Up Paddleboard $500
Kayak $500
Tube, Wakeboard, etc. Full Replacement Value
How much is the Booking Deposit and is it required for SUPs or Tubes?2018-06-28T12:07:09-04:00

A Non-Refundable Booking Deposit is required for all Pontoon Boat, Fishing Boat and Jetski reservations at the time of booking.  Pontoon Boat and Jetski Deposits are $100 and Fishing Boats are $50.  Please see our Cancellation Policy and how cancellations affect your deposit.

All other rentals, such as Stand-Up Paddleboards, Kayaks or Tubes do not require a booking deposit.

This is not the same thing as a Damage Deposit, which is required when you pick up your rental or before it is delivered.

What does a Rental Day consist of?2023-11-22T14:01:41-05:00

A rental day begins at 9:00am and the boat must be returned no later than 5:30pm on the end date of the rental. Failure to return the boat by 5:30pm will result in a $1/minute late fee.
Multi day rentals are not calculated on a 24 hour schedule. For example, a 2 day rental begins at 9:00am the first day of the rental, and ends at 5:30pm the second day of the rental.

What is included in the rental?2018-04-03T23:22:42-04:00

Our jet ski and boat rentals include all required safety equipment to ensure the boat is legal, including life jackets at the approved rental capacity of the boat.  All of our Jet Skis are 3 seaters, which means they are legal for pulling a tube, wakeboarder or waterskier, assuming you have a driver and a spotter on the Jet Ski at the time.

Can I purchase additional insurance?2018-04-03T23:19:39-04:00

The renter is responsible for ANY damage incurred during the rental period. If you wish to purchase additional coverage we suggest the following:

  • Check with your credit card provider, as often they offer insurance as long as the rental is made on their credit card.
  • Contact your car/home insurance company, many policies allow for additional coverage for the duration of the rental as a rider on your existing insurance policy.

The best thing is to simply treat your rental with care, as though it was your own, and refrain from using it in water where you don’t know how shallow it is.  Most people return their rental without any damage and receive their entire deposit back.

Do I have to return the boat with a full tank of gas? How much do you charge for gas?2021-05-15T15:52:39-04:00

All rental boats and jetskis come with a full tank of gas and should be returned full (excluding fishing boats).
If not returned full, we will fill the tank at that time and you will be charged for the fuel at local marine fuel rates.

What are our contractual obligations?2018-04-03T23:30:10-04:00

Please visit our Terms of Rental page and ensure that you are willing to agree to the terms. You agree to be bound by these terms when you sign the rental agreement. They are for the protection of us all, and to ensure that the next to rent the equipment are treated fairly (for example, to ensure you return the rental on time so that it is ready for the next rental customers.)

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